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Elvira de Moragas Maragall graduated in French language and linguistics at the University of Barcelona and started her editorial career in the 70s with Biblograf (VOX). She later freelanced on various projects for publishing firms such as Salvat, Planeta, Enciclopèdia Catalana and Juventud and then joined a pharmaceutical company, Sanofi, where she worked as a technical writer and translator for four years. By then a seasoned editor, she went back to VOX as editorial manager of their monolingual dictionaries. In 1990, she was approached by Larousse to set up and manage an editorial office in Barcelona which was to be one of four editorial units involved in the entire revision and SGML structuring of their bilingual range. From 1997 onwards she has worked as a consultant for HarperCollins, Biblograf, Océano and Agrupación Editorial (Planeta) on several reference projects. She is also now an associate of Lexicon Planet involved in its development in the Hispanic world.

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